Wanted: Favourite recipes from all over the world!

The international cuisine is diverse and colourful, just like the TUC, WHZ and Studentenwerk. On the occasion of this year's Intercultural Weeks of the cities of Chemnitz and Zwickau, we would like to invite students and student initiatives to send us their favourite recipes from all over the world!

If we can't see each other and celebrate this year as usual, then we want to use this opportunity to cook collectively – and not only via video and chat! Intercultural weeks naturally mean communication, exchange and getting to know each other: We would therefore like to give us all the opportunity for an intercultural and culinary exchange. Sending in your personal favourite recipe gives you the chance to cook and revive culinary memories. You can bring the whole world into your home, seek inspiration, try out creative and new dishes and experience a totally new variety of tastes.

Therefore just send in your favourite recipe! For each participant there will be a little surprise for "dessert"! We will publish the result of this campaign after the end of the campaign period1. So let the cooking begin...!



Campaign period: 19.9. - 19.10.2020


Please send:

- List of ingredients

- Step-by-step instructions

- appealing picture of the dish

- Country of origin of the recipe

- short anecdote/fun facts about the recipe or country of origin


Languages possible: German or English


E-Mail to: international@swcz.de


1For the subsequent publication we will need your written permission that your recipe and the corresponding photos are released for us. Please pay attention to the copyright when sending in the recipes!