General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use of the Chemnitz-Zwickau Student Union for the Use of the "Schwarzes Brett" Internet Service

1. free classified and job ads

Only private classified ads can be placed on the "Bulletin Board" (Search/Offer/Giveaway section). Excluded are offers and requests for apartments and rooms.

In the bulletin board/job section, job advertisements can be published that address students, can be carried out as a part-time job and do not represent permanent full-time positions.

Before publication, the editorial staff will check the ads and reserves the right not to publish them for important reasons (see 4.). All approved advertisements will be published - unless otherwise specified by the user - for a standard period of 4 weeks. After the publication period, the ads will be deleted. Only title, category and ID of the advertisements are stored for statistical purposes. However, conclusions about the user are then no longer possible.

2. complete description in the advertisement text

Every advertiser is obliged to describe the offered/searched products, goods or services completely and truthfully in the advertisement text. A reference to an Internet address is not permitted and is no substitute for this description.

3. responsibility for the contents of the advertisement

The Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau accepts no responsibility for the correctness of the content of the advertisements on the bulletin board or for the contractual relationships of third parties resulting from them. The responsibility for the contents of the advertisement lies solely with the authors of the advertisement. The Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau does not assume any warranty for the advertisements published by third parties, especially in the case of misuse of the classified ads market. When placing advertisements, the following must be strictly adhered to

  •     the provisions of the penal code,
  •     the provisions of the Law for the Protection of Minors,
  •     the provisions of the Data Protection Act as well as provisions for adult offers and other provisions for the protection of minors;
  •     the national and international copyrights, trademark rights, labelling rights, patent rights and rights to the use of names
  •     as well as other industrial property rights and personal rights of third parties.

4. Obligation of the advertisers

Advertisers undertake to comply with the following principles. In particular, it is prohibited to advertise the following items, services, offers, requests or events on the bulletin board at

  •     Counterfeiting of any kind, including product piracy.
  •     Unauthorized copies of protected works or objects
  •     Copies of movies, software or music (pirated copies)
  •     Tobacco products (e.g. cigarettes, cigars, fine-cut tobacco)
  •     Drugs and stimulants as defined by the Narcotics Act
  •     Other mind-altering substances and corresponding accessories
  •     Alcohol
  •     Drugs
  •     Trade and distribution of books in the form of pdf files
  •     Pyrotechnics, except for the services of pyrotechnicians
  •     Radioactive substances, poisons and explosives, as well as other chemicals hazardous to health
  •     Human organs, blood and other body fluids
  •     Betting offers of any kind including lotto and other games of chance
  •     All personal data and advertisements requesting information about named persons
  •     Offers that violate or threaten the rights or health of third parties
  •     Objects, items of clothing and identity cards from security-related areas
  •     Weapons within the meaning of the Weapons Act, in particular firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons of any kind as well as ammunition of any kind
  •     Snowball systems, network marketing, multi-level marketing
  •     Insufficiently described offers
  •     Investments and shares
  •     Credit offers bypassing the SCHUFA
  •     Chargeable telephone numbers, as well as SMS services
  •     Cell phones without credit rating
  •     Discriminatory offers
  •     Ads with racist, defamatory or violence glorifying content
  •     Legally prohibited events
  •     Calls for criminal offences (e.g. insults, acts of violence)
  •     Illegal offers or services
  •     Stolen objects
  •     Pornography
  •     Prostitution
  •     Content with amorous or sexual intentions
  •     Pornographic writings or objects harmful to minors
  •     Offensive or inappropriate expressions
  •     References to commercial Internet offers, e-commerce stores or auctions on the Internet
  •     Advertisements that serve only to promote other Internet sites
  •     Catalogs from which buyers can order directly
  •     Lists, directories or similar containing manufacturer, dealer and supplier addresses
  •     Advertisements in foreign languages
  •     Live animals of certain protected species as well as protected plants and their preparations.


Inadmissible are furthermore:

  •     Commercial advertisements
  •     Chargeable telephone services or references to commercial erotic sites
  •     Pornographic advertisements or advertisements promoting prostitution
  •     Contact ads in the name of third parties
  •     Offensive images and wording
  •     Soliciting or promising the shipment of live animals
  •     The trade in protected animal and plant species
  •     The giving away of dogs that are younger than eight weeks old
  •     The advertising of animals that are abroad
  •     Apparently unserious, inadequately described job offers
  •     Offers that require financial advance payments from the applicant
  •     Vehicles that can only be viewed abroad
  •     Vehicle parts that are not approved for road use
  •     Vehicle advertising (marketing)

5. pictures in advertisements

The pictures or photos used in the bulletin board advertisements must have a connection with the content of the advertisement. It is prohibited to use images that are protected by copyright unless the user has been granted the right to use the images. By uploading the images, the advertiser confirms that the uploaded images do not serve any obscene, illegal, offensive, unlawful, fraudulent, abusive and unlawful use and that the advertiser is the author of the image(s). The Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau does not assume any liability for the content.

6. exclusion of liability

The Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau does not guarantee the publication of an advertisement within a certain period of time or the uninterrupted availability of the website. The Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau is not liable for the accuracy, quality, completeness, security or legality of the advertisements or user communications.

7. data protection

You can place ads without registration on under Schwarzes Brett without the need to provide personal data - only the e-mail address is required for communication with the editorial staff. Neither your name nor your e-mail address will be published unless you voluntarily do so yourself. A voluntary data publication by yourself remains unaffected. The bulletin board ad market is open to the public. Please be aware that other websites and other users of the Internet could electronically process data from the ad text you publish - contrary to these Terms of Use. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to

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