Reichenhainer Straße 55, 09126 Chemnitz

Dining area of cafete with eating guests
  • varied, modern all-day offer
  • Foodsaver-buffet from 19:30 to 20:00 
  • additional dinner offer from 17:00
  • foodsaver buffet between pizza and burger station and at the salad bar
  • oven-fresh pizzas & pinzas
  • burgers, wraps, burritos & more
  • regularly changing daily and weekly specials
  • savings menu options
  • wide variety of snacks and side dishes, hot and cold
  • large salad buffet
  • trendy breakfast menus, desserts and cakes
  • regional quality baked goods
  • regionally produced, fresh ice cream
  • large beverage selection, many sustainably & fairly produced goods / offerings (coffee, tea, sugar, honey, disposable utensils, reusable options, and the like).
  • extended outdoor seating
  • outdoor games rental (badminton, bocchia, TT, viking-chess, kubb, ...)
  • children's chairs
  • Relevo reusable to-go tableware
  • high-quality Kahla porcelain to-go cups 0,35 l + 0,47 l
  • power sockets at many places for working in the meantime

Rental of outdoor games

In addition to table tennis bats, other outdoor games, such as badminton, bocce, kubb, balance tower, can be borrowed from the cafete55. All games were purchased by the Chair of Operational Environmental Economics and Sustainability to increase the quality of stay on the Reichenhainer Straße campus.

The lending process is as follows:

  • The games are currently issued and returned during opening hours in the cafete55 on the lower floor at the cash desks.
  • When borrowing games, the name, date, matriculation or employee number and any previous damage to the games will be noted. A deposit is required for games of higher value.
  • Borrowed games should be properly returned to the cafeteria cashiers by the end of the cafeteria on the borrowing day, or by 11:00 a.m. the following day at the latest. A written record of the return as well as minor damage to the equipment will also be kept. In case of severe damage or loss, a compensation payment will be made according to the age of use of the game. Further clarification will be provided by the cafeteria management.
  • The games will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the valid hygiene guidelines in the cafeteria after each loan.


We ask in the mutual interest that the games are handled with care.

Opening hours

Food can be taken to the mensa55

Lecture and exam period 
(01.04. - 10.08.24):

Mo to Th from 07:20 to 20:00

Foodsaver-Buffet from 19:30 to 20:00 (also available as plate option!)

Fr from 07:20 to 14:00

Foodsaver-Buffet from 13:45 to 14:00

Lecture-free period 
(12.08. - 01.10.24):

Mo to Fr from 07:20 Uhr to 14:00

Foodsaver-Buffet from 13:30 to 14:00

No dinner offer:

  • 12.08. - 11.10.2024
Filled shelf with sandwiches
Cake offer