Our children are offered three meals a day. These are child-friendly, nutritionally balanced and rich in variety. All meals are prepared according to the DGE quality standards. Preference is given to low-fat and nutrient-rich cooking methods. Lunch is freshly prepared and delivered to us from our mensa on Reichenhainer Straße. Breakfast and Vesper are freshly prepared with love and care by our kitchen fairy. A selection of different beverages such as water, unsweetened tea and thinned juices is available to our children at all times. Several times a week, the children are also offered smoothies or milk drinks with their meals. In case of food allergies ans sensibilites, it is possible to order an individual alternative meal with a doctor's note. We pay great attention to religious preferences. For infants up to the age of 1, parents can bring porridge in a sealed jar or powdered milk for bottle feeding. This is then prepared for the child individually. For infants who are already eating our whole foods, the food will be pureed if needed.

Together we make sure that the meals take place in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The children help themselves according to their abilities and may decide independently what they would like to eat.