Location and surroundings

Our daycare center is located in the Bernsdorf district of Chemnitz at Reichenhainer Straße 33b, in the direct proximity of the Technical University, on a side street with no traffic passing through. Despite the quiet location directly on the Bernsdorfer Radweg, our daycare is situated in a central area. Chemnitz city center with its museums and galleries can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes. Nearby are the stops of the Tram lines 2, 3 and the city trains C13, C14 and C15. These trains connect the campus with the city center and the surrounding towns of Mittweida, Burgstädt and Hainichen. An expansion of the line to Aue has already begun.

Bernsdorf is not only a university location, but is also home to the municipal cemetery, the sports forum, the Heinrich Heine elementary school and many apartment buildings. There are two supermarkets in close proximity to our daycare center, which we use for projects, e.g. on nutrition and cooking, to get the ingredients together with the children. Furthermore, after a short walk we reach a public playground and the sports fields of the TU with the gym. The nearby Luther Church offers our children the opportunity to learn more about traditional celebrations such as Easter and Christmas. Right next to our daycare centre there are two other daycare center "Krabbelkäfer" and "Zwergenland".

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