Psychological Counselling Service

The Psychological Counselling Service offers private and confidential counselling meetings in case of study crises, exam anxiety or disruption to your studies, but also in regard to personal conflicts or orientation problems.

Hereby we focus on individual resources and abilities of the student. Such will be identified during counselling sessions, encouraged and actively used to handle stressful situations as well as to stimulate personal growth.

A counselling session can provide relief and distance from a difficult situation, and give you space to explore new options. Anything you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence. Counselling sessions can be held in German or English.


Further consulting possibilities

is also offered by the Psychosocial Counselling Centre of the TU Chemnitz. The range of services extends from crisis intervention to psychodiagnostic clarification, individual psychological counselling, thematic groups and prevention events to the Chemnitz Smokers' Outpatient Clinic.

Councellors Chapter

Srabbelsteine mit den Worten "Mental Health"

Professionally selected information, chapters, worksheets or links on psychological counselling topics are made available. This is intended to provide help for self-help in regard to a wide range of topics, e.g. life crises and living with the corona situation, exam and other anxieties, emotional instability, loneliness, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, planning for the future, identity development, motivation during studies, procrastination, stress and relaxation, resilience, etc., and to furthermore support a goal- and solution-oriented preoccupation with oneself.

In addition, this offer wants to provide German or English vocabulary to describe your inner world (especially for international) students.

You can arrange a counselling session by phone via (for TUC) or (for WHZ). Subsequently, specially selected material will be sent to you by email and a follow-up consultation by telephone will be set.

 Take care of yourself! - and stay healthy! 

Contact person in Chemnitz

Ms Dipl.-Psych. Tina Horlitz
Psychological Counsellor
Thüringer Weg 3
09126 Chemnitz
Room: 23
Phone: +49 371 5628-120

Office hours:
appointments upon arrangement by Email

Mitarbeiterin: Frau Tina Horlitz

Contact person in Zwickau

Ms Dipl.-Psych. Tina Horlitz
Innere Schneeberger Straße 23, room 103/2
08056 Zwickau

Office hours:
by arrangement