30 Years of East German Student Unions - Interview with a Companion

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After the reunification of Germany, the student services were reestablished and took over tasks that had previously been the responsibility of the universities. The tasks then, as now, included the rental of inexpensive dormitory places, the maintenance of refectories and cafeterias for inexpensive meals for students, the awarding of BAföG benefits and social counseling services. In the course of time, new services were added, such as cultural sponsorship or the operation of a daycare center. In 1995, the free counseling service was expanded to include legal counseling. Our legal advisor, Jürgen Altringer, established this service and still advises students on a wide range of topics. We interviewed him as a "companion" and asked him what it was like back then. He not only looks back, but also into the future. Take a look at the interview on student legal counseling (only in german)!

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