Foodsaver campaign in all canteens and cafeterias

Self-service at the foodsaver buffet

At the foodsaver buffet, guests of all canteens and cafeterias in Chemnitz and Zwickau can fill one Relevo reusable box with remaining food components just before closing time, saving them from disposal.

In the last 15 to 30 minutes before the facilities close, guests will find a buffet of all meal components that would otherwise have to be disposed of due to hygiene regulations. These can be used to fill one large 2-chamber Relevo reusable box, which equates to approximately two food servings. The respective times can be found on the pages of the facilities in Chemnitz and Zwickau.

The local kitchen management decides on a daily basis whether the buffet offer is more extensive or limited, and then sets the price: For all users, this results in a price of 3,90 € for a more extensive offer or 2,00 € for a limited offer per "foodsaver box". Of course, it can also happen that there is no food left and therefore no buffet is offered.

An additional plus point is that the fee of 0,30 € when using the Relevo reusable box for the foodsaver buffet is already included in the price. In addition, the canteens and cafeterias offer further foodsaver specials, such as sandwiches, desserts or cakes from the previous day, which are significantly reduced in price.

IMPORTANT IN ADVANCE: Only those who register via the Relevo app or the website before placing their first to-go order can also participate in the sustainable reusable system. For more information, visit the Relevo reusable system page.