mensaVital – helping you to make better nutritional choices

What is mensaVital?

mensaVital is a special menu line developed by the “Deutsches Studentenwerk” (German National Association for Student Affairs). Initially it was created by a Campus Catering-working group formed of eleven East German Studentenwerke (Student Service Organisations). Today’s scheme boasts an ever-changing selection of dishes from a nationwide network of experts.

The recipes are specially developed by dieticians, chefs and other specialists to ensure they fit in with nutritional guidelines. And the range of dishes on offer is always being revised and improved. A mensaVital portion contains a maximum of 750 kcal. This value corresponds with the amount of energy an adult with a sedentary job needs from their midday meal.


A balanced diet

mensaVital suggests the following balance of fish, meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes:

  • 20 % fish dishes = 1 x per week
  • 30 % meat dishes = 1 - 2 x per week
  • 50 % vegetarian/vegan dishes = 2 - 3 x per week


Healthy body, healthy mind – mensaVital meals

  • Nutritionally balanced ingredients*
  • Helping you to get your “5 a day” (5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day) 
  • Carefully selected ingredients (whole grains, pulses, nuts, lean meats, crisp, colourful vegetables) 
  • High-quality fats and oils
  • No fried or breaded foods
  • No heavily processed foods
  • Fresh, natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavours and flavour enhances
  • Fresh herbs rather than dried blends
  • Creative recipes
  • Blend of regional and international influences

* One lunch portion corresponds to the energy requirement for the midday meal of an adult (19-65 years) with a sedentary jobactivity level (physical activity level PAL = 1,4). (DGE Bonn; 2008, 1. Auflage; Qualitätsstandards für Betriebsverpflegung; S.11).