Dear users & guests of our refectories and cafeterias,

in our canteens and cafeterias, we mainly use fresh ingredients and take great care to ensure that as few additives as possible, and at best no additives at all, are used where prefabricated products have to be used.

The new, improved labelling requirement means that, in addition to the additives that must be labelled, we will in future also provide information on allergenic ingredients. For the time being, we will provide this information mainly by word of mouth, and gradually we will also make it available nationwide in all facilities via extended number ranges as follows.

You can already see the additives contained in our dishes as numbers on the menus, in display cases or on display stands. The additives behind the numbers as well as the allergens and other voluntary labels are listed here as follows:

(1) with colouring agent

(2) with preservative

(3) with antioxidant

(4) with flavour enhancer

(5) sulphured

(6) blackened

(7) waxed

(8) with phosphate

(9) with sweetener

(10) contains a phenylalanine resource

(11) caffeinated

(12) containing quinine

(13) contains azo dye

Azo dyes can impair the attention and concentration of children!

Important note

We always take great care when labelling and preparing the food and beverages we offer in our facilities. When doing this, the information we provide about ingredients is based on the information we receive from the food manufacturers and suppliers. Due to the wide range of products processed by some food manufacturers, cross-contaminations can occur and the products can contain ingredients that are not listed. Cross-contaminations can also not be completely ruled out from our own production processes. In this respect, we cannot guarantee that the meals and beverages we offer will not contain other ingredients or traces of other ingredients that are subject to mandatory labelling alongside the listed ingredients.

Therefore, the Chemnitz-Zwickau Students Union assumes no liability for the completeness of the listed ingredients. In particular, guests who could suffer from severe adverse health effects as a result of consuming allergens should always check with the responsible kitchen/cafeteria manager before eating at our facilities. Thank you for your understanding!