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Our halls of residence in Chemnitz, Zwickau and Schneeberg

The Chemnitz-Zwickau Student Union has about 2,750 rooms in 15 residential facilities, located either on campus or very close to it. Our student halls of residence vary by size, location and furnishings (comfort level). Most units take the form of shared flats for two students in single rooms, sharing a kitchen and bathroom. There are also a limited number of single-occupancy apartments (one-room flats) and larger shared flats.

Super-All-Inclusive means that all of the following is included: use of table tennis, pool and fitness rooms, “reading cafés”, utility costs, internet, cable TV, and a comprehensive building management service. Washing machines are available in the basement. Halls of residence also have student clubs for having fun and chilling out.
You can find peace and quiet here, but it’s also a great place for meeting new people. Super-All-Inclusive rent prices are stable, and within easy reach of study facilities on foot or by public transport.

What's it like to live in a dorm?

Go on a room tour of a shared apartment


Außenansicht Wohnheim
Reichenhainer Straße 35/37
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Vettersstraße 52
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Vettersstraße 66
Ein mehrgeschossiges Haus
Reichenhainer Straße 51
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Vettersstraße 54

Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Vettersstraße 70
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Thüringer Weg 3
Exterior view multistory dormitory
Vettersstraße 64
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Vettersstraße 72


Sechsgeschossiges Wohnhaus in grüner Umgebung
Makarenkostraße 4 & 6
Design of the exterior facade of the new dormitory building
Makarenkostraße 8
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Innere Schneeberger Straße 23, Haus 1
Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Innere Schneeberger Straße 23, Haus 2


Außenansicht mehrstöckiges Wohnhaus
Goethestraße 1