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Restricted opening hours

Due to the Corona situation, new opening hours will apply in our daycare from 12.11.2021.

The opening hours are: 07:30 am - 16:30 pm.

Thank you for your understanding. We will adjust the opening hours back to the old times as soon as possible.

On the grounds of the daycare center, it is still mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protection. For the handover of the children, parents are allowed to enter the building again from July 1st, in compliance with the hygiene regulations. The handover from the outside is still possible.

Our 3rd birthday

Today, July 01, we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our nursery.

Not even the rain can take away our joy.

We experience a colorful morning with disco, homemade cake, sack race, giant soap bubbles, three-legged race and obstacle course.

As a reward, there are colorful tattoo stickers for all the children.

We are looking forward to more wonderful and eventful years in our Campulino daycare center!


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"The colorful world of creepy-crawlies"

...this is the project theme that the "Green Group" has been working on for the past five weeks. Since April, many children have been searching incessantly in the garden for earthworms and fire bugs. Small homes were also built for ants and beetles and equipped with suitable furniture made of leaves, soil and sticks. The teachers took this as an opportunity to create an exciting project together with the children.
Often they went out to the meadows and paths to collect everything with magnifying glasses and observe what was crawling. In the kindergarten, they then looked at everything together and looked up in books which insects they were dealing with. Of course, all the little animals were then released again and again.
Small games, relaxation stories, handicrafts and an exciting insect book box completed the project content. To conclude the project, some children made small insect hotels out of cans. The children wrapped colorful wool around the cans and then filled them with various natural materials in which small creepy-crawlies feel at home. The insect hotels now decorate our new kitchen garden and we are already super excited to see who will soon move in.


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Weather project in the light green group

April April, he doesn't know what he wants..." The Campulino children of the Light Green Group took this very phenomenon as an opportunity to spend three weeks in April dealing with this topic in detail. Many important questions of the children were explored and clarified together. How does rain actually get into the clouds? How many colors does a rainbow have and how do we determine the weather? In addition to a small weather library, many great works of art and products were created through weather experiments, which are still used and observed daily by the children.

Children planted butterfly meadow

Last year (2020), the children of the Campulino daycare center already distributed the seeds for the butterfly meadow. With great joy, the seeds were distributed on a 1000 m² piece of meadow at the residential home Vettersstraße 70 in Chemnitz.

The project was sponsored by the Saxon State Foundation for Nature and the Environment (LaNU), which wants to make a small contribution to the preservation of our beautiful nature with the project "Puppenstuben gesucht - Blühende Wiesen für Sachsens Schmetterlinge" of the initiative "Sachsen blüht".

This year (2021), the children will be able to observe for the first time how the seeds begin to sprout and how various insects will enjoy the diversity of the meadow.

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Contact Person

Ms Claudia Gaitzsch
Head of children day-care center
Reichenhainer Straße 33b
09126 Chemnitz
Room: Leiterbüro
Phone: +49 371 56 28-150

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