Our canteens and cafeterias in Chemnitz and Zwickau as well as the secretariat of the cafeteria management in Chemnitz are open again with corresponding restrictions. We are looking forward to your visit.

Please informe yourself about the current menus under:

mensa55, Chemnitz (pdf, 59 kB)

Mensa StraNa, Chemnitz (pdf, 57 kB)

Mensa Ring, Zwickau (pdf, 889 kB)

Mensa Scheffelberg, Zwickau (pdf, 896 kB)

Mensa BA Glauchau, Glauchau

Adjustments to the general conditions are possible at any time, so we kindly ask you to keep yourself informed via our website



Current price information on the daily offer in canteens & cafeterias

Dear guests of our canteens and cafeterias,

As you have certainly noticed from the media and from your own experiences, we have been confronted with a further increase in food prices since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis. Since then, prices have risen by an average of around 30 % for meat and sausage products, 50 % for dairy products and 30 % for dry goods. As a result of the associated supply bottlenecks and in some cases massive price fluctuations for many products, our facilities have also had to make short-term adjustments to their daily offerings for some time now - both in terms of content and price.

As a result of these effects on our markets, we are sometimes no longer able to make reliable price forecasts in advance for our picture meal plans with regard to the particularly volatile products and the meals that are produced fresh every day as a result. For this reason, it can happen that for certain offers the real sales prices are only finally announced on the respective production day (usually by 9 a.m.) via our picture meal plans. Also larger deviations are quite possible!

We ask for your understanding and attention, but we will do our best to return to our old service as soon as possible, as soon as the market situation has calmed down.

Thank you very much and enjoy your meal!

Your kitchen/canteen management