Junge Frau beißt in eine Möhre

We organise a number of cultural events ourselves or together with student clubs or initiatives. For example, we participate in the reading night at the Tietz and in the International Summer Course for German Language.

As a rule, every semester there is also the Go next! - Sustainability Day, which we plan and carry out in cooperation with the Department of Ecology and Sustainability at the TU Chemnitz (NATUC).

In 2016 and 2017, we have organized two Science Slams in our cafeteria on Reichenhainer Straße in cooperation with the Klang von Blau agency.

Do you have ideas and suggestions for further events, or even a project you have always wanted to realize, please contact us. It is possible to apply for cultural funding or to organize an event in cooperation with the Studentenwerk.

Please also take a look at our calendar of events.