Culture and sport at our locations

ein Luftballon mit dem Logo des Studentenwerkes

We offer a wide range of cultural, leisure and sports activities for our students. Almost all of the student residences operated by the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau have their own in-house student clubs and table tennis or fitness rooms. The local student film and photography club, theatre, dance and other cultural student groups and sports clubs are also based in our buildings.

You can find an overview of the various groups and activities on the Chemnitz student website “Studiosi und Kultur” and on the Zwickau student website “Studentische Aktivitäten”.

Cultural life in the university cities of Chemnitz, Zwickau and Schneeberg is heavily influenced by the student scene. We provide funding for a wide range of students’ cultural projects, such as

  • events and festivals
  • talks and lecture series
  • concerts
  • readings and film screenings
  • intercultural meetups and themed evenings
  • and much more.

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