About our Kita Daycare Center Campulino

Dear parents,

After only one year of construction, the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau opened its first Kita Daycare Center in July 2018. This website will provide you with information about our Kita Campulino and will answer the most important questions.

The " sächsische Bildungsplan" (Saxon educational plan) forms the basis for our pedagogical work. Our concept is based on the Reggio pedagogy. It originated in the northern Italian city of Reggio Emilia and conveys a dignified image of the human being. The positive image of the child enables him or her to explore and shape his or her development, knowledge and skills in an unbiased way.

With the help of its own spirit of discovery, the child gets to know itself and its environment by dealing with it intensively.

The basic pillars of the Reggio pedagogy are:

  • the image of the child

  • the meaning of identity and community

  • the idea of education and learning

  • the meaning of projects

  • the role of the educator

  • the educational function of spaces

In order to widen our own view and to be able to perceive diversity, we incorporate the approach of prejudice-conscious education. Families who bring their respective family cultures with them come together in our kindergarten. Therefore, it is important that we establish a relationship with the families that is based on partnership and trust. In addition, we want to support the children in their sense of justice and in their ability to defend themselves against injustice when dealing with new, unfamiliar circumstances and otherness.

The settling-in period

The settling-in period is a great responsibility for parents, group educators and the team. Therefore, it should be carefully prepared and structured. For the child, the transition from the family to the kindergarten represents a major challenge and adjustment in order to become accustomed to the new environment and to build relationships with strangers.

To ensure that the first days at the daycare centre are as harmonious and loving as possible, you accompany your child for as long as he or she needs you. During this time, your child will get to know his/her primary educators, the premises and his or her new playmates. Your child will gain more and more trust in the new environment and will experience the daily routine, the rules and habits of the group in a playful way. At this stage it is possible to start with the separation from the parents. We take into account the individual situation and the time frame. The focus is always on the well-being of your child. It is not easy for either side to let go. Therefore, the farewell at the group door should be as short but deliberate as possible. The primary caregiver should always be available to the educators after saying goodbye. Once your child shows a sense of security and trust, we take the next step and let him or her experience lunch together with the other children in the group for the very first time. After the sensitive and successful familiarization of your child into the daily routine, we now accompany your child into the realm of dreams.

The daily pedagogical routine in the nursery

In most cases, the children have already internalized our daily routine well after the settling-in phase. Structure and regularity are especially important in this age group where we provide them with daily rituals. In doing so, we take into account the individual characteristics of the child in the various developmental phases and cautiously respond to them.

Transition from nursery to daycare

A successful transition from nursery to daycare is an important part of a child's well-being and development. The transition is therefore made gently, step by step, in consultation with parents and the team. We accompany your child at his or her own pace and allow time and space for reorientation. Through the gentle introduction to the new group, your child will feel well taken care of and accepted. In the weeks leading up to the change, your child will explore the new group and the premises with the help of the primary educator, and will also get to know his or her new play partners. The exploration period will be adapted to the individuality of your child. We always give your child the opportunity to take a day off or to retreat to the nursery group if necessary. The move will be arranged together with your child. The last day in the group is celebrated as a special farewell highlight for your child.

Daily pedagogical routine in daycare

Throughout the day, our common daily routine is accompanied by regularly recurring elements. This gives the children an orientation and supports the sense of community. In addition to the common meals, play, singing and conversation circles, the phases of free play are a main part of the daily routine. This should give the children room for free development and support them in their individuality. Our kindergarten does not have a rigid daily schedule. The following is an example of a daily routine, complemented by excursions, external activities and other special events such as birthdays, singing circles and other highlights of the year.