Social services

Young woman with child on her lap shaking hands with a counsellor

When you go to university, you’re not only entering a new phase in your course of education, but also a phase of important personal changes: old friendships may fade away, new relationships will develop, you’ll start thinking more long term about your social and professional future... Essentially, it’s a time in which you start taking more responsibility for your life.

Pressure to succeed, competition with your peers, unclear requirements in your studies and having to sign your own contracts (accommodation, insurance, part-time work etc.) for the first time may also bring the first legal issues with them.

The counselling team of Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau are there for you when you need legal, social or psychological guidance. We provide these services as part of our legal duty to help ensure the health and social well-being of our students. You can take advantage of our counselling services free of charge at any time during your studies.