Applying for BAföG funding whilst studying abroad

When to apply?

As funding can only be awarded from the month the application is submitted, you must submit your application in writing to the Office for Financial Study Assistance at the latest during the month your study abroad programme starts. To ensure everything goes smoothly and that you receive your funding in good time, we recommend you submit your application around six months before your study abroad is due to start.


How to apply?

Your application must be submitted in writing (with handwritten signature) to the relevant Office for Financial Study Assistance.

For successful application, you do not need to submit all your documents immediately. You can start by submitting an early, informal application without all the necessary forms by simply naming the country you will be visiting, which subject you will be studying and the educational facility you will be studying at to meet the deadline.

If you would prefer not to fill out your BAföG application by hand, you can now apply online. The website takes you through every part of the application and provides important information as you go. Once you’ve completed the application, just print it out and submit it to the Office for Financial Study Assistance.

To submit electronic documents, please make sure to follow the instructions for submitting electronic documents.



All supporting documents, which have to be submitted according to the official forms and filling instructions, or which have been specifically requested are to be submitted completely. As a rule, the submission of the complete copies of the regarding evidence (e.g. parents' income tax returns) is sufficient. Only the official forms and certificates specially issued for BAföG purposes must be presented in their original form.

Please answer all questions completely and submit the required supporting documents in full. All forms for the application must be signed. Please also pay attention to the notes on the explanatory sheets of the official forms. Please do not replace the requested evidence at your own discretion by other evidence or declarations, as these usually do not meet the necessary requirements. This saves you and us time-consuming and additional inquires.

You will need to submit the following documentation as part of your application:

  • Form 6 – Application for funding whilst studying abroad
  • Form 1 – Main application
  • Appendix to form 1 – Educational and employment histories
  • Proof of enrolment – From both your German university and your host university (or school enrolment certificate / internship contract as applicable)
  • Proof of the type and amount of any scholarships you receive
  • Form 3 – Declaration by spouse and parents


For the consideration of the respective needs the following documents are needed:

  • Child care allowance: separate application on the appropriate official form
  • Foreign travel health insurance: copy of the contract, stating the period and the amount of contribution
  • Tuition fees: submit the contract with the foreign university (English or German) and proof of payment of tuition.