Information for tenants

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions here. Still not found an answer to your question? Please get in touch with your adviser.



Problems? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Emergency numbers
    • Police 110
    • Fire brigade/Rescue service 112
    • Emergency medical service (statutory health insurance) 116117
    • (Chemnitz) Site Security: Firma GÖTZ GMBH & CO. KG, Tel: +49 (0)371 49 04 202



    If you encounter problems and your building manager is not available, you will find a list of emergency and accident numbers in their office.


  • Something in my room is broken; what should I do?

    Please inform your building manager in person, by phone, or by completing a damage report form. You will find this in your building manager’s office. We will then deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

  • How do I use the internet connection in my room?


    If you have a valid TU Chemnitz user login, you can sign up and use the internet in your room and in the areas in front of the halls (WiFi). For more detailed information and the application form, please click here:

    The costs are included in your Super-All-Inclusive rent price.



    If you have a valid WHZ user login, you can register at,change your address if you move to a new hall of residence in Zwickau, and use the internet in your room and in some places WiFi.

    The costs are included in your Super-All-Inclusive rent price.



    Centre for Communication Technology and Information Processing (ZKI).

    The Super-All-Inclusive rent price does not include internet access in the Schneeberg hall of residence. If you wish to use the connection in your room, please contact

  • Do I have to pay a broadcasting licence fee for my devices in my hall?

    Rent does not include licence fees for devices, which must be paid by individual tenants. Since January 2013, a broadcasting licence fee has been payable by each flat. It is therefore not relevant which specific devices (TV, radio, etc.) are in, or used in, the household. The fee is €18.36 per month, and is usually paid quarterly. This means that each household must pay €55.08 every quarter. Further information.

  • Why do I have to submit my enrolment certificate each semester?

    Your enrolment certificate entitles you to rent a student room. Otherwise you would have to pay “Gästemiete” (visitors’ rent). You're aible to upload the document. Please note our instruction.

  • I want to move to a different hall of residence. When is the best time to move? When will I have the biggest choice of accommodation?

    Spring (January to March) and summer (June to August) give you the widest choice of accommodation to compare by price, furniture, features and even neighbours. Please ask the advisers at the Accommodation Department about available rooms at your preferred hall of residence. You can also complete an application to move here.

  • How much notice do I need to give if I want to vacate my room?

    Rooms of Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau are subject to a two-month notice period. You need to hand in a written cancellation notice by the third working day of the month; the contract will then come to an end on the last day of the following month. In exceptional cases (e.g. exmatriculation), it may be possible to terminate the contract earlier; please contact your customer adviser in such cases.

    Please note that in standard rental contracts a 12-month minimum rental period is agreed upon. An early termination is possible, but is subject to a compensation payment (see: §17 rental contract).

    Fixed-term rental contracts expire automatically at the end of the contract. A letter of termination is therefore not necessary in these cases.

    If you are having further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your customer adviser!

  • Obligations on departure
    1. Please submit your notice in writing to the Student Union in good time.
    2. Arrange a pre-check with the building manager (approx. four weeks before vacating your room) – during this initial visit, you will discuss what work needs to be done in the room and who will be responsible for carrying this out (tenant / leaser).
    3. Arrange a final inspection date – please agree a date for handing in your key. Please have your completed departure slip ready.

Other important issues

Learn more about the broadcasting licence fee, how to register your change of address with the city authorities, and find out about discounts for new arrivals to the city.

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