Vettersstraße 66 hall of residence


  • Single room with micro bathroom - toilet, shower, wash basin and cooking facilities (including fridge and microwave) within the room. It`s pretty small but really private.
  • Single room with separate bathroom - you have your own bathroom, but you have to walk a few steps across the hall. Cooking facilities (including fridge and microwave) are also available.
  • Single room (two rooms sharing kitchen and bathroom)
  • All rooms modernly furnished (bed, shelf, chair, desk, wardrobe, bedside table)
  • Powerful internet connection up to 100 MBit and WiFi that includes the grassy areas in front of the halls of residence (valid user log-in required)
  • Cable television
  • Intercom
  • Bicycle storage, laundry, gym (Lady Fitness), lift


  • Just a few minutes’ walk from the university buildings, library and canteen (Mensa)
  • Right on campus in the heart of student life
  • Close to shops and green areas
  • Very good public transport links to the city centre and train station

All-inclusive rent for students

All utility costs including heating, electricity, water, internet and TV are included, so you have complete control over your finances.

  • Single room €256.50
  • Deposit €380.00

(Subject to change)

Floor plans

Floor plan single room with micro bathroom
Floor plan single room with separate bathroom
Floor plan single room (2 rooms sharing kitchen/bathroom)


Ms Sabine Grundschock
Customer Adviser
Student Housing/Technology
Thüringer Weg 3
09126 Chemnitz
Room: 31
Phone: +49 371 56 28-851

Office hours:
Tue and Thu: 09:30-11:30 and 12:30-15:30
other appointments can be arranged

Mitarbeiterin: Frau Sabine Grundschock