100 saved disposable packages with Relevo

Kategorie: Allgemein , Verpflegung

Since the introduction of Relevo reusable tableware, we have already been able to save 100 disposable packages. Thank you for taking advantage of this offer. But we are sure that we can increase this number. Let's work together to ensure that in the future less disposable and more reusable items cross our cafeteria counters. Together, we can save packaging waste and help the environment. For those who are perhaps not yet completely convinced: The fees for our reusable dishes are 0.30€ cheaper than the disposable packaging! So if you go to the canteen every day, you can save 6€ in just one month by using reusable dishes. That's about 2 more canteen meals.
So: download the Relevo app, sign up and ask for reusable dishes the next time you visit the canteen! This is how easy it is to take a step towards environmental protection and sustainability.

Not yet familiar with the new Relevo system and have unanswered questions? Take a look at our Relevo page. There you will find information on how the reusable system works, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.