Apply now to get BAföG for the semester

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Apply by the end of the month and quickly secure your entitlement for the coming semester!

We recommend that first-year students submit their BAföG application as soon as possible, but no later than the official start of the winter semester 2023/2024 in September (WHZ) or October (TU Chemnitz).

Studying is an investment in your future! When money is tight, it is not so easy to invest. That's why comprehensive student financing is important. Even if you don't have to pay tuition fees, you will need food, clothing, accommodation, books and basic technical equipment, such as a laptop.

One financing option that you should always consider is financial support under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). BAföG is intended to ensure that you can study even if your parents do not have enough income to support you financially.

Since the BAföG reform in 2022, BAföG recipients can receive up to 934 euros per month, depending on their parents' income. Since BAföG consists of half a grant and half an interest-free loan, one half must be paid back after graduation. The other half is given to you! The amount of debt is also limited to 10,010 euros and repayment usually begins only five years after graduation and only if you have a certain income. After 77 installments at the latest, you are debt-free. Many students do not even know that they can receive BAföG funding. You should definitely seek advice from our staff at the BAföG office.

Use the official application platform, here you submit your application and upload all documents that belong to your application. Please plan for several weeks between the application and the payment of the BAföG amount.

Please also fill out everything digitally. If you don't have to fill in any information, put a zero there, for example. Gaps lead to inquiries and these lead to delays and possibly to later payments.

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