Beyond Meat - vegan meat substitutes in mensa55

Kategorie: Allgemein , Verpflegung

From now on you cand find vegan plant-based meat substitutes by Beyond Meat in the canteen mensa55 in the Reichenhainer Straße. Whether burger or chili sin carne - we offer new vegan products to further support initiatives for a more sustainable use of resources.

Beyond Meat products use significantly less water, land and energy in production compared to meat products, and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions - all without compromising on taste.

Tomorrow, on Oct. 13th, 2022, we will be serving "Beyond Chili sin Carne" served with fried rice with spring onions in the Mensa at the Wok and Beyond Meat "Albondigas" in fiery tomato sauce with a variety of vegetable and filling side dishes in the Cafeteria.

Our daily dishes can be found weekly in our menu.

Come by and try the new dishes!