Planned changes to BAföG as of the winter semester

Kategorie: Allgemein , Finanzen , Wohnen

Starting with the upcoming winter semester 2022/23, there will again be changes in BAföG. Planned is a:

  •     significant expansion of the scope of BAföG through an increase in the income exemption amounts by 20 percent
  •     Significant increase in the need rates, the childcare allowance and, above all, the housing allowance, which will increase the maximum amount of support from 861 euros to 931 euros
  •     Raising the age limit in BAföG from 30 years for the start of an eligible education together with the previous separate age limit of 35 years for the start of a master's degree to a uniform 45 years in the future
  •     Extension of the possibility of residual debt forgiveness after twenty years to all borrowers and a design under simplified conditions and without a complicated application procedure
  •     Facilitation of digital application and administrative simplification to a considerable extent through the abolition of the written form requirement in BAföG - and at the same time also in AFBG

The Federal Cabinet has approved the BAföG reform planned by Minister Stark-Watzinger. The bill will now be debated in the German Bundestag. This is intended to enable "BAföG to become more attractive, more modern and more flexible, and to once again enable more genuine participation in the best education," said Minister Stark-Watzinger, commenting on the decision.

Further information on the planned changes can be found at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.