Free coffee-to-go cup for all first-year students

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Free coffee to-go cup for all first-year students now available!

Our gift to all first-year students of WHZ and TU Chemnitz is a high-quality porcelain to-go cup from Kahla in a limited design. We had to be a little patient until the delivery - but now they are here! Get your cup for free with the purchase of a coffee speciality in our refectories and cafeterias and contribute to more sustainability on campus in the future by using this cup! Our porcelain cup is equipped with a discreet heat protection for your fingers and a silicone lid in different colors, from which you can choose your personal favorite.

The new students of the TU Chemnitz have received their voucher in the welcome bags via the Uni-Shop. If you haven't picked up your welcome bag yet, please contact the TU Unishop and make an appointment to pick it up.
All new WHZ students, please show your Imma certificate and university ID the next time you buy coffee.

We would like to take a step away from single-use cups together with you and hope you like our limited edition to-go cup.

To all other cafeteria and dining hall guests, we can tell you that our to-go cups will also be available for purchase next year.