Important information regarding the cancellation of accommodation and consequences for BAföG

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Important note on BAföG benefits when moving out of the dormitory

The current situation is that many dorm residents are canceling their leases and moving back into their parents' apartments. Thus, the main reason is cost savings. But especially for those who currently receive BAföG benefits, this calculation does not necessarily add up.

The amount of BAföG benefits depends, among other things, on the needs rate. Currently, students receive a needs rate of € 427.00. This is increased by €56.00 for accommodation if you live with your parents. In the other case, the needs rate increases by 325.00 €.

Thus, if you live in a student dormitory, you currently claim a basic needs rate of 752.00 €. If the student residence is terminated and the student moves back in with his or her parents, the BAföG office is obligated to adjust the basic needs rate. From the following month of moving out, only a basic needs rate of 483.00 € can be granted. Altogether that is 269,00 € less financial support. As a result, due to the reasonable rents in our dormitories, you will have less money available after moving out than before.
Please find out from your case worker whether the cancellation of your apartment will lead to a financial disadvantage.