Reopening of our parent-child room Zwergencampus!

Kategorie: Allgemein , Soziales & Beratung

We are happy to inform you that from April 20, 2023, students and employees of TU Chemnitz can use our popular Zwergencampus, a special parent-child room of Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau, again!

Are you a student or employee of TU Chemnitz with child(ren)? The university days are long and you are looking for a place of retreat for you and your child to play, change diapers or breastfeed? Then the Zwergencampus is the right place for you! The room offers a space to play, diaper-changing station and breastfeeding armchair, a kitchen and a bathroom.

You can find further information on the page Studying with Child.

* Please note that when using Zwergencampus the monitoring and supervisory duties stay with the parents and that no childcare can be offered by Studentenwerk!