Special offer sale of various coffees

Kategorie: Allgemein , Verpflegung

Due to our full stocks, we are now offering a promotional sale of specialty coffees in our canteens Reichenhainer Straße in Chemnitz and Ring in Zwickau(only while stocks last).

On offer are the following coffees:

Organic Fairtrade Café Manos "Espresso" bean €9.99 (instead of €13.99)

(100% roasted coffee, 1,0 kg pack)


Organic Fairtrade Café Manos "Café Creme" bean €9,99 (instead of €13.99)

(100% roasted coffee, á 1,0 kg pack)


Organic Fairtrade Café Manos "Ground" €4,99 (instead of €6.99)

(100% roasted coffee, á 0,5 kg pack)


Vending "Choco" €4,99 (instead of €6.79)

(Powdered beverage containing cocoa, á 1,0 kg pack)


Vending "Choco Salon Blanc" €5.99 (instead of €7.99)

(Powdered beverage "white chocolate style", 0.8 kg pack)


Teapot Tea Specialities different varieties €1,99 (instead of €2,79)
(20 sachets)