22.06.2020 Campus Cooking with Stefan Wiertz


From 22.06. - 25.06. 2020 Stefan Wiertz will be honoring us with his culinary arts at the Mensavorplatz Reichenhainer Straße 55. This time everything will revolve around the traditional Swabian Maultaschen, which will vary in their preparation in a variety of ways. The special focus is on the regionality of the products.

The menu for Campus Cooking is

Monday: Maultaschen Viva Italia
Tuesday: Maultaschen Asia Style
Wednesday: Maultaschen Orient Style
Thursday: Maultaschen Popeye Style

Each dish will cost 3,50€. You can also choose a menu with a refreshing drink:

Daily special + garden limo 4,50€ (incl. deposit)
Daily special + Jarritos Limo 5,00€ (incl. deposit)

Additionally there is the possibility to win 3 canteen vouchers worth 100€. Further information will follow next week on site.

Come by and let Stefan Wiertz cook for you!

Please note the current hygiene regulations.