Brunch in the cafete55

20.10.2022 10:00-14:00
Place: cafete55

You don't have any plans for 20th october? Come to brunch in the cafete55 and enjoy a warm and colc buffet from 10 to 14 o'clock.

A fresh salad bar, desserts and cake - you can look forward to our daily menu including the delicious additional offers. A free selection of draft beverages is also available.

How much does it cost?

Brunch costs 8,90€ for students, 9,90€ for employees and 10,90€ for guests.
You can also get a "brunch plate" and fill one plate with all the different delicacies you'd like for 5,90€ (employees 6,90€ / guests 7,90€).

Excluded from the price of the brunch menu are only ice cream, pies, roll-variations and commodities such as bottled drinks and bars.

We look forward to seeing you. Enjoy your meal!

Your team of cafete55