Dinner in the canteen Reichenhainer Straße "O sole Mio"

Place: Mensa Reichenhainer Straße 55

Next week, our dinner at Mensa Reichenhainer Straße is all about "O Sole Mio". Our Italian week meets the lifestyle drink MIO MIO and the associated competition.

For example, look forward to "Cotoletto a la Mio" on Monday evening. Italian schnitzel classic with "Patatine Frites" which will be served with a bottle of MIO MIO "Pomegranate Guarana".

So every evening you can look forward to a delicious Italian dish, together with a refreshing MIO MIO bottle.

You can also take part in our MIO MIO competition. You can win a MIO MIO mini-fridge by filling out and submitting one of our dinner feedback sheets.

So come by the dining hall next week Monday through Thursday 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. for dinner and enjoy delicious Italian creations with an invigorating bottle of MIO MIO.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you "buon appetito"!