Matriculation ceremony at WH Zwickau

17.10.2023 15:30-17:30
Place: Konzert- und Ballhaus „Neue Welt“ Zwickau, Leipziger Straße 182

On 17.10.2023 the enrollment and kick-off ceremony of the WH Zwickau will take place in the concert and ballroom "Neue Welt". We will also be there and welcome all first-year students!

So if you have any questions about BAföG, our dormitories or the dining halls, feel free to stop by our booth. We also offer supportive social counselling during your studies, for example if you simply cannot motivate yourself to study or if you have to work a job in addition to your studies. We support you in many aspects around studying!

Feel free to drop by, we are looking forward to meeting you!

You can find more information on the WHZ homepage.